Check Out This Amazing Five Star Hotel That Floats

Designed by Gianluca Santosuosso, this floating hotel seeks to avoid falling into any traditional niche. It shys away from being labelled a cruise liner, and hardly looks like anything we’ve ever seen before, except for maybe a giant tendriling spine.

The project intends to develop a new luxury hotel concept where users have the opportunity to experience a stay in a floating system moving around the world. The MORPHotels, thanks to their linear structure developed around their “vertebral spine”, are able to adapt their shape according to the weather conditions and the site morphology.


And adapt it will have to, as it’s length is 1 kilometer long. It can even double as a floating harbour during its long ocean crossings; it does this by spiralling into itself and generating an artificial bay where boats and ships can find shelter.

The design has a green energy focus by relying on solar panels and wave energy conversion at either ends of it’s arms. It can collect stormwater, desalinate ocean water and also parts of the arms are dedicated to veggie gardens.

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Two ends of the structure will contain the hotel rooms; these are conceived as capsules attached to the organism’s spine that will have varying degrees of luxury and comfort: from glass room located at the water level, to luxury rooms that function as independent boats that can leave the main structure and sail within a fixed range established for security reasons; passengers will be free to explore the areas that MORPHotel will cross during its perpetual and slow movement across the world.


A secondary pier for staff use only will be used to take on supplies for the journey and to allow boats to dock for refuelling, delivering and unloading of goods.

While it’s still a concept, it’d be amazing to see this thing become a reality.