Chrystal Chenery Finally Has A Bachelor All To Herself

First she dated the current bachelor Jordan Mauger, but found herself without a rose, then it was a similar story when she won the nation over on the first season of the Bachelor and left with just a kiss from Art Green.

Now, Chrystal Chenery looks to be all loved up with a man she can call her own.

According to the New Zealand Herald’s Spy Chrystal Chenery is dating well-known real-estate agent Ricky Cave.

The two caused the rumor mill to churn when they were spotted holidaying at the luxury Bay of Island resort, Eagles Nest.

So rainy Auckland take me back here ?

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Spy reported that when the couple were asked about their relationship they said they were “enjoying each other’s company at the moment and having a lot of fun”.

Only time will tell, of course, it is not official until it is Instagram official.