Cocktail of the Week – The Ryder Collins

It was the last show of the Marr Factory series and what better way than to raise our glasses of Bombay Sapphires ‘The Ryder Collins’ cocktails.

Inspired by the latest Kate Sylvester collection Chase Bickerton put together his slant on an old classic.

Kate’s collection has a feminine yet independent and dark and brooding feel to it – almost a librarian look with a rock ‘n’ roll soul. I wanted to create something to match – dark on the outside but surprising, warm and elegant on the inside – something that really steals the scene. The lead botanical of juniper berries adds dry and fragrant notes of pine and lavender.”


40ml Bombay Sapphire

25ml lemon and juniper shrub

Oleo Saccharum (Lemon zest, juniper berries, caster sugar, 24hrs extracting, mix with 1 cup of water and 1 3/4 cups of Apple Cider Vinegar until dissolved)

15ml activated charcoal beer syrup (2 Macs Green Beret’s warmed in a pot and mixed with 500grams of sugar and 10-15 capsules of Activated Charcoal, reduced over a light heat for 30min)


Shake the above super hard, strain into a tall glass over large ice, charge with soda and garnish with lemon and leather.