Cody Simpson Opens Up About Ex Gigi Hadid After Seeing Her Romantic Photoshoot With Zayn

The Aussie singer, who split from Gigi Hadid nearly a year ago, talked about his ex in an interview with ET at the iHeart music awards. He must’ve felt a twang in his heart when he saw those romantic photos with her and Zayn but he’s a true gentleman.

“It’s just kind of the natural way things go. You’re going to expect that kind of stuff,” he said.

“I’ve kind of been going a different way, taking a little time for myself just hanging out and keeping it low key, and working on my music.

“But I’m always very happy for her and her career and that type of stuff. I know how hard she’s always worked to kind of get to the point in the modeling industry that she’s at now, and I couldn’t be more proud of her.”

“We still talk every now and then. It’s nice.”

This makes me a little bit sad. It wouldn’t have been easy to see pictures of your ex kissing another man while doing a handstand in her underwear.