Creepy Sexist Messages go Public with Online Shaming

Writer Maggie Serota has ridden the wave of online shaming and posted on her twitter the message that a creepy dude from OkCupid sent her. He had traipsed through her profiles and wrote her a long synopsis summarising  her online presence.

Women have been publicly sharing the misogynistic messages that they receive to draw attention to the sexism that pervades our society. Even LinkedIn is being branded as “white-collar Tinder” after the sexist scandal involving human-rights barrister Charlotte Proudman. This 27 year old woman was messaged by 57 year-old lawyer Alexander Carter-Silk about her “stunning” profile picture.

There is also a hilarious Instagram account called TinderNightmares where women post screenshots of ridiculous pick up lines that guys use on the seedy app.

Arguably, this method of online shaming could discourage perverts from sending women non-interesting sexist comments.