8 Reasons why Dating an Only Child is Difficult but Rewarding

Writer and philosopher, Paul Hudson says that dating an only child is difficult but worth it. I’m an only child myself so it’s intriguing to read what they think of us. I agree with most of his points.

Obviously, our childhood influences who we are to become in our adult years. So, let’s delve into the psychology of why we are the way we are and the perks and downfalls that come with dating us. These characteristics exist in all only children, not just women.

1. We don’t have any problem taking alone time.

True. An only child is like a cat. We’ll give you attention when we want to and we’ll take our space when we want to regardless of what the other person wants.

2. We are egocentric.

Also true. Growing up with love aimed at you and only you, being spoilt is a given. Although some taciturn parents may not give in to all the needs and desires of their only child. However, when you grow up with only adults surrounding you, it’s hard not to be self-centred. Who else can you relate to but yourself?

3. We have interesting relationships with our parents.

Very true. We form strong friendships with our parents and the trust level is very high. Some people just don’t get along with their parents, which is fine, whilst some have way too close relationships that could appear unhealthy.

4. We are creative

Yeah duh. Children who have grown up with siblings are never alone. They’ve always got someone around their age to bicker or play with. Parents don’t play with their children 24/7. We only children need to use our imagination which develops into creativity when we’re adults. Apparently, it has its ups and downs but Hudson says it’s for the better.

5. We crave constant attention

Because we’ve grown up with our parents gaze on only us, we need the attention from our friends when we’re older – most of the Kings and Queens of their social circles are only children. If we can’t garner attention from one source, then we’ll find it elsewhere. However, because we like our personal space, it is said that we are harder to open up. If we want personal space, it often turns into us sourcing attention from another person.

6. We are hard to hold down

We crave attention but also crave freedom. It’s difficult for us to admit we love someone or get them to trust you. Heck, it’s nearly impossible to regain the trust if you break it.

7. We will love you wholeheartedly

It’s hard to crack us but once you do, we will love you unconditionally. Only children are incredibly picky about who we let into our lives which is a great character trait. Growing up with only myself and two parents, we don’t let strangers into our haven easily. When you tear down our walls, we’ll make room for one more. Don’t disappoint.

8. We hate sharing

We are selfish and territorial. We don’t share. It’s unhealthy but it’s also endearing, isn’t it?