Decorate for a Better Sleep

Naturally you want your bedroom to look beautiful. But before you start start splashing your favourite colour on the walls, take a step back and remember: this is where you sleep. Certain styles and designs lend themselves to a peaceful atmosphere more than others, something you may want to take into account when decorating this room. But we’re not suggesting your room should be dull or bland! Below are a few tips that will help you to create a tasteful and beautiful space that allows for sweet slumber.

1. Get the Lighting Right

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This is a biggie. Light is the signal that cues our body to get ready for sleep, so ensure that any bulbs you use aren’t too high powered. Also, opt for warm orange light rather than a harsher blue. Dimmers are also a fantastic idea if you can afford them.

2. Positioning


This comes down to personal preference really. Arrange the furniture in a way that feels natural and comfortable to you. Some people prefer to be able to see the foot of the bed when entering the room for instance. Others will feel better with another configuration. Just make sure you’re happy with it.

3. Love Your Bedding


You’ll spend a third of your life in bed – might as well spend it in comfort. Cotton is far and away the best choice for sheets as it allows you to keep cool – which is good for both health and sound sleep. Try to minimize the amount of pillows and blankets you have on the bed too; a cluttered atmosphere is the last thing you want when you want to rest.

4. Banish Non-Sleep Related Items

original-modern-bedroom-with-tv-the-modern-style-bedroom-with-the-big-red-roses-bucket-standing-nearThe bedroom should be for sleep and sex. That’s it. Piles of laundry, cast off shoes and other paraphernalia erode the serene atmosphere you want to build. And TV’s are definitely not a great idea. The TV is a signal to to your brain to be alert and interested, far from the calming effect necessary for a good night’s sleep.