Brilliant Bespoke: Designing Your Custom Ring With The Diamond Shop

There aren’t many material things in this world that we hold on to for a lifetime. Houses, cars, handbags and clothes come and go in life, and the few items we do keep tend to be those with sentimentality and meaning buried within them. One such article may be that which sits pretty on a particular left-handed digit. Given the significance and permanency of the accessory, having an engagement ring that is custom-made and unique to you adds to the story you are building with your loved one.

For those looking to have a hand in the final design of their engagement ring, a visit to The Diamond Shop on Jervois Road in Ponsonby will allow you to design the perfect piece as their experts take you through the process from start to finish. Taking into account your personal style inspiration, as well as ensuring it stays within your budget, a Diamond Shop consultation also considers those often forgotten details that make it a perfect fit for you, such as hand shape and skin tone. Holding your hand through the process, the team at The Diamond Shop take you from initial hand-drawn designs, CAD and wax models through to the final product, all while working with local craftspeople to perfect your bespoke ring. Not one to forget the finer details, their showroom is also home to a well-stocked wine fridge and cosy fireplace for those upcoming chilly Winter days.

So to get the creative juices flowing and give you a starting point for designing your own custom engagement ring, we’ve collated a few of The Diamond Shop’s stunning signature designs for you to ponder over with your partner:

1. Luciana

A stunning, vintage inspired Halo featuring an Oval cut centre Diamond, set within four claws and hugged by 12 Round Brilliant cut diamonds. For the antique admirers.

Shop the Luciana

2. Peta

A Solitaire featuring a Round Brilliant cut centre diamond held by 6 claws, delicately finished with micro-pave set shoulder diamonds.

Shop the Peta

3. Maddalena

This stunning vintage-style Trilogy Diamond ring has each diamond set with four claws and diamond accents in the shoulders. A timeless setting that will be fashionable forever.

Shop the Maddalena

4. Arabella

A Solitaire featuring the understated and elegant Asscher cut diamond, set in double claws and finished with ten dazzling Round Brilliant cut Diamonds, rub set in the shoulders giving this design an antique edge.

Shop the Arabella

Learn more about The Diamond Shop’s bespoke process here.

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