Do This Quick Test To Find Out How Evil You Are

You’re probably used to the Myers-Briggs tests which gives you your personality type but there’s a lesser shared personality metric called dark triad traits (give it a try, it’s a bit of fun to find out how evil you are). This one isn’t shared because it tells you how much of a bastard you are. It measures your levels of narcissism, machiavellianism, and psychopathy.

Machiavellianism is a tendency to be manipulative and deceitful. It usually stems from a lack of respect or disillusionment for others. Narcissism is an egotistical preoccupation with self while psychopaths can be defined by shallow emotional responses which leads to high stress tolerance, low empathy, and little guilt

Do the test below and find out what your poison is.

I don’t mind sharing my results, because I’m pretty much a flawless person with zero self respect. Also, now that you’ve finished the test, check out this accompanying article which discusses how these traits can affect your chances with the opposite gender. Are you the sort of person people want to have a one night stand with or someone they want to straight up marry?

Dark Triad