Do You Watch Reality TV? You’re More Likely To Have This One Personality Trait

So the new Bachelor right? Awesomely good, but awesomely bad at the same time. We all have our guilty pleasures, and watching other peoples lives is one of them.

However new research has found certain personality types are drawn to different sorts of TV shows.

A study taken by the Psychology of Popular Media Culture called “Does Television Cultivate Narcissism? Relationships Between Television Exposure, Preferences for Specific Genres, and Subclinical Narcissism” has gone out to discover just that.

Previous studies have been tracing narcissism as a societal trend that we’re taught. Most have centered on Facebook, instagram, and selfies as being the villians behind it. But this is the first study to take a close look at traditional media. “we propose that messages conveyed by traditional media are likely as powerful as the affordances of social media in cultivating narcissism.”

The study asked 565 TV viewers to fill in a questionnaire about narcissism. Viewers who admitted to watching a lot of reality TV were found to have a higher level of narcissism than those who don’t.

In fact, if you watch the news chances are your levels are lower.

Interestingly, preference for news was negatively related to narcissism

‘Interestingly, preference for news was negatively related to narcissism,’ the researchers wrote.

‘One possible explanation for this finding is that individuals who pay attention to the news are also more civically engaged and less individualistic.’

People who rated highly for narcissism also dug sporting events and suspense/thriller/horror shows.

This paper backs up previous research that came to similiar conclusions. Other studies have found a positive association between perceptions of affluence and viewing situation comedies and news programming.

So wanna get rich? Watch the news, and get some comedies playing.