Editor’s Letter

If you can’t see the future, how do you know how to be it?” Indeed. These words of Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director of creative and marketing agency, Contagion, Bridget Taylor, convey the urgency and momentum to act in a way that we desperately need for lasting change on the gender diversity front.

Taylor, who graces our cover this issue, is a stark and most savvy reminder of the importance of female role models in positions of leadership and in workplaces that are truly diverse and meritocratic. An esteemed panelist of our latest round of Journey to Excellence forums around the country, she has set the bar in laying the foundations of her business with a company practice that ensures diversity is a mainstay of its philosophy. “Let’s not do the things that we hated at all the other companies, so let’s not structure ourselves the same way, let’s not hire the same way and let’s try and create the culture when people can be 100% authentically themselves.”

It is all too easy to remain with the status quo and at worst, to use it as an excuse to remain stagnant – especially for companies such as ourselves, who have the privilege of having a continued dialogue with key audiences that make up the many and varied demographics of the population of New Zealand. But in April of this year, M2woman’s inaugural launch of Journey to Excellence saw, I believe, the real beginnings of localised, grassroots change on gender equality issues. And with many more of our JTE forums to come, 2018 promises to see that momentum harnessed, we hope, turn into permanent change.