Editor’s Letter

This issue, as we have promised, we have continued the conversation of women in the workforce and gender equality at senior levels. In this issue, we focus on the concept of women supporting other women. Many of those we have interviewed on the subject have spoken about that damage that can be done by bullying in the work place. Often this is instigated by other women. Whatever the reason, women undermining other women is something that doesn’t help the concept of gender diversity. We need to support each other and celebrate each others successes. In keeping with this, we celebrate five women who are making waves in the lucrative wellness industry and the lessons that they have learnt along the way.

In another area, Yasmin Forsythe also casts a spotlight over women who are battling a well-entrenched and underlying misogyny within the creative industries. Something our cover woman Charlize Theron is no stranger to, who struggled to be taken seriously after donning the infamous form-fitting orange Vera Wang dress and who states that although we are breaking through a lot of barriers, we are still merely scratching the surface.