Eight signs that will show you he’s a keeper and in it for the long run

Dating and relationships can seem a bit confusing at times. Sometimes we overthink things a lot but if you’ve been wondering if your current boyfriend is ‘the one’ here are some signs that will show you he’s worth keeping in your life. If he makes you happy and has a good impact on your life already, see if any of these signs are there too.

He makes time for you and shows that you’re his priority

If he makes plans to see you and that he’s putting in the effort (and actually makes things happen) it shows that he not only enjoys being in your company but loves making you happy. You’re not always left to come up with things, he shows that he’s interested by suggesting little things too. Now, being his priority doesn’t mean that you come first above important things like studies or work, but in general he places you first before himself. He’s selfless and shows that you’re important to him.

He’s interested in the things you like

If you love sitting in a cafe and chatting, going shopping or watching Gossip Girl, he’ll join in and show that your interests are important to him as well. He’ll ask questions about what you like doing or will make suggestions to do something that you like. There will be a good balance between the two of you.

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Future plans that involve you

This is a good sign. If he’s talking about having you in his life for a long time then know that he’s being serious. Men tend to be scared of commitment at first but once they think they’ve found the one, you’ll be talking about your future and making plans to make it happen more often.

He checks in on you and calls regularly

When you’re at work or in class, you get little surprise messages like “thinking of you” or “hope you’re day is going well”. If you see that he’s ‘there’ and takes time to quickly check in on you, this is a good sign that shows you’re on his mind and important to him. Calls are good signs too! During the day he’ll call to see how you are and hearing your voice will mean a lot to him (he might be having a bad day, you never know)

Includes you in things like family gathers

If he takes you along to family get-togethers, you’re definitely on his mind for the long run. He won’t take just any girl home and introduce them to his parents.  

He regularly reminds you how much you mean to him

It’s the little things that count. He’ll remind you how much you mean to him and how important it is to have you in his life. He could also say that you’ve made a big difference to his life by making him more happy and losing you is not an option for him because he genuinely loves you.

Asks your opinion

If he’s stuck on something and not quite sure what to do, he’ll turn to you first and ask what you think. Getting your ideas and input is important to him that will reassure him he’s making the right choices. If he’s working on something and asks you to have a look at it, he values your opinion a lot.

He shows you off

When you’re out in public he’ll hold your hand or put his arm around you. His friends will know how much he likes you and he’ll make sure to show his love for you in front of others. Not because he’s showing off (maybe a little) but because he’s really proud and happy to have you as his girlfriend.