Emma Dalton, Client Services Director at YoungShand, Talks Fulfillment

I’d name my autobiography…

“Life on full volume.”

Those who know me will laugh at this as I have a fairly loud voice. But seriously, I’ve always lived life to the fullest and at pace. My career is about creating a voice for my clients and aiming to shout louder than their competitors. I had my first daughter at 22 years old, and life has been full volume ever since.

Best advice I’ve been given…

“Leading is flicking a light switch on or off based on your experience.”

This advice was given to me when I was taking on my first leadership role, and I’ve shared it with many who are making the jump into a Director role within my team.

I made my first dollar:

Serving ice creams at the Devonport wharf.

The most rewarding part of my job…

Producing work that makes a difference. That’s the great thing about advertising – when it’s done right, it spurs conversation and action from the masses, and you can use that to not only generate love for exceptional brands, but also drive action for meaningful causes.

Also, the friends I’ve made within the industry. We’re lucky in advertising to work with a creative, often extroverted, fun bunch of people.

Favourite book:

“The subtle art of not giving a f**k”- Mark Manson.

At times I suffer, like many, from trying to keep everyone happy. But this book helped me gain some perspective that as long as you know what you’re doing is right, it’s okay if others don’t approve of your every move.

The women who inspire me:

I have so many inspiring women in my life, so this is a tough one. My mother, for her selflessness. My daughters, for their endless energy and determination. And Jacinda Ardern – how she’s paving the way for the next generation of politicians is brilliant. She’s the epitome of “you can have it all”.

Gender diversity in the workplace is…

Not an issue in advertising.

I advocate for change by…

Leading by example.

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