Emma Watson Just Brought Back This Questionable ’90s Trend And We Love It

If there is one trend we are all guilty of rocking in the ’90s it is the dress over pants trend…too many times I wore my baby-doll dresses over my flare jeans. Looking back this is definitely a time the fashion police should have been called in.

Emma Watson was a ’90s baby herself and she is probably guilty of doing the same thing, which might explain her outfit from the weekend. The actress lit up the red carpet at the White House Correspondent’s dinner in Washington rocking the (almost) dress-over-pants combo and looked incredible.

She did take this trend lightly, but the point is this trend is slowly creeping back and we are not sure how we feel about it. Of course,Emma looked absolutely incredible and picked an outfit that told a story.

She wrote in her Instagram caption ‘”through the whole of my life I have been inspired by strong confident women who make things happen. And now with the clothes I make for women, I want to help create that confidence and empowerment,” says designer Osman’

Maybe it is time to dabble in the trend again.