Engaged Couple has monthly Tinder hall pass

Most couples have a free celebrity hall pass but this couple takes it up a notch with a monthly Tinder freebie.

An engaged couple have a monthly Tinder hall pass where they are allowed to sleep with one stranger a month as long as there is no further contact. That’s one way to keep the spark alive I guess.

This poor girl who fell for this setup revealed her story to prevent further victimization of girls who are looking for something more permanent than a one night stand.

‘Lucas’ works with primary school kids, has a six pack and cries during sad movies. Tick, tick, tick. Falling for this near perfect tinder date, she slept with him only to receive this unexpected WhatsApp message at 6am instead of another date proposal.


UNILADs This Engaged Couple Have A Monthly Tinder Hall Pass Freebie image


UNILADs This Engaged Couple Have A Monthly Tinder Hall Pass Freebie image

Cassandra, distraught from this rather heinous scheme has disclosed her story:

“He told me on Tinder he would really like to meet me. He talked about his job in a primary school and and his hobbies. He was polite and respectful. I didn’t get the feeling he was anything other than he said he was.

We met at a pub in London, he seemed nice, though nervous and awkward.

It was a fun evening, I got no suspicion he was lying, he seemed really genuine.

We went back to mine. After he left I went to sleep. When I woke up at 6am the next morning I saw his message. My first thought was Oh My God, what an idiot. I was so angry. Then I owned the rage. I went to work in heels and full face make up, which I never do.

His reply seemed well rehearsed, and very rude. And the line about ‘rules are rules’ was as if he thought he was acting like a man of principle.

He’s probably done this to lots of women. I want to warn other ladies to avoid Lucas from Bermondsey.”