Ex-Bachelor Art Green Shares A Priceless Tip With Jordan Mauger For Picking The Perfect Woman

Art Green was the bachelor we all grew to love and has left some pretty huge shoes for Jordan Mauger to fill. In the name of the bro-code, Art has shared with Jordan, and New Zealand, one thing that was on his mind while picking the perfect lady. According to Art there is more to the perfect partner than what they are like, it is important that the two of you would make good looking children.

In a column featured in Woman’s Day, Art wrote about the questions he had surrounding starting a family while he was on The Bachelor.

“Will this person get along with my family? And do I see myself starting a family with this person?”

Green then goes on to say he is looking forward to having a family of his own one day and “wanted to find the right woman to do that with”.

“This meant not only thinking about who I liked and had a connection with, but also if they had similar family aspirations,” he wrote.

“I would often think about whether or not we would have good-looking kids, because obviously nobody wants ugly kids.

“Matty [girlfriend Matilda Rice] and I aren’t planning to have kids any time soon, but if we did, they would be the cutest little things in the world.”

Jordan should start thinking about what his future off spring would look like with the lucky ladies who are still left.