Ex- Biggest Loser Contestant Shares Stunning Bikini Pics

Alison Braun is one of The Biggest Loser’s success stories. The 42-year-old Australian mother-of-three shared a throwback photo of a weigh-in on the show from 2008 weighing 121.7kg at the time. It’s been 7 years since she was on the weight-loss show and she took to Facebook to post a bikini selfie in Bali.

Braun lost 55.2kg when she competed in The Biggest Loser Australia in 2008 and she finished second place behind Sam Rouen. Continuing her weight loss, she revealed she lost a total of 64kg in total since being on the show.

She wrote on Facebook, “Yes I know a shameless selfie…why?
Because never did I think I would ever take a pic of me in a bikini in Bali!
I never wanted to come to Bali because at 122kg I never felt like I fitted in.
I still can’t believe just how much life I missed out on.”

She adheres to a strict diet and exercise regime to stay in shape, “When I wake up at 4.50am, my routine is turn off alarm, take pre-trainer [supplement], have shower [and] put on gym clothes … this is my clockwork routine everyday.”