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pHformula is the first skincare brand in the world to amalgamate cosmeceutical skincare with medical prescriptions. Creating an unprecedented skincare category dubbed ‘pharma-cosmeceuticals’, pHformula provides skin solutions based off controlled chemical skin resurfacing to accelerate cell regeneration.

Conventional cosmetics that you can purchase off the shelf typically use grain scrubs such as apricot stones, walnuts and almonds to create a granular-based facial scrub while cosmeceuticals use AHAs and BHAs to exfoliate dead skin cells. pHformula combines Alpha Keto, Alpha Hydroxy, Alpha Beta and Poly Hydroxy acids with a unique delivery complex to get all the benefits without the negative side effects. In this issue of M2woman, we talk to Melissa Verry, New Zealand’s pHformula educator about how this new pharma-cosmeceutical brand works.

How does pHformula differ in its skin resurfacing action to conventional cosmeceuticals and what are the benefits?

Conventional skin peeling and cosmetics are typically broken down into two types – chemical and physical. Chemical peels using Alpha Hydroxy Acids such as Glycolic acid have been used for thousands of years to create skin rejuvenating products because of their ability to exfoliate dead skin cells, resulting in healthier, younger-looking skin.

On the other hand, physical exfoliation are granular-based facial scrubs that are used to lift off the dry skin cell buildup; they’re usually grain scrubs, which contain natural particles of apricots, walnuts and almonds.

pH Formula is completely unique and takes skin resurfacing one step further with an innovative alliance between cosmeceuticals and medical prescriptions. The action of controlled chemical skin resurfacing is totally different than that of conventional peels in which its primary purpose is skin exfoliation. Controlled skin resurfacing actively provokes an accelerated form of cell regeneration whilst trauma and superficial irritation are reduced. This action is achieved through the mechanism of a unique bio-availability delivery complex that ensures maximum controlled delivery of actives without any negative side effects normally seen with conventional peels.

The delivery system for pHformula is very unique with a combination of multiple super potent exfoliating acids – how does it work to deliver these actives without causing the negative side effects that we see with regular medical chemical peels?

The Laborotories of pHformula have developed a new and innovative complex named PH-DVC™, which promotes the bioavailability of different active ingredients. It also reverses any negative effects that may occur from the use of high concentrations of acids while maintaining maximum efficacy. In controlled chemical skin resurfacing, the efficacy of the individual acids will depend on their nature, penetration capacity as well as proton release potential during contact time with the skin. Once the actives are applied to the skin, they function as molecules with the ability to transport protons to different layers of the skin, resulting in the acceleration of cell turnover and optimum skin regeneration.

How has pHformula arrived at this point to be the pioneers of such an artform?

Petru van Zyl is the Founder of pHformula. With over 20 years of experience as a skin specialist, Petru is also a researcher and author of some of the most acknowledged and influential educational material used and applied in more than 35 countries today.

Throughout her career, Petru has worked extensively in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, UAE, Russia, South America, USA and various parts of Europe which during this time has been actively researching the latest skin biology and cosmetic chemistry information available, leaving her with a passionate interest in the development of medical-like treatments.

Today, based in Barcelona, Petru is the CEO of pHformula as well as the director and tutor of post-graduate specialty education. Working together with world-class dermatologists, plastic and aesthetic surgeons, Petru has become a pioneer in the new field of skin resurfacing science.

All treatments and formulae used in pHformula are supported with more than 30 years of combined scientific and medical experience. We devote countless resources towards research at major medical institutions to support the technology behind our products. All our actives are of pharmaceutical grade, and the studies supporting our products are peer reviewed.

Due to a plethora of external aggravators, there is a large portion of the population who suffer from skin disorders. How does pHformula work to address these concerns? And is it possible to target more than one skin concern in one resurfacing treatment?

On the day of the patient’s consultation, we assess the skin’s sensitivity levels, then the strength and depth of the treatment is considered accordingly. Different treatments can be combined in a prescription program to target multiple concerns. The superior delivery complex PH-DVC is used in combination with powerful blends of active ingredients that induce epidermal and dermal functions while inhibiting metalloproteinase enzymes (MMPs) that degrade the skin’s structural integrity.

pHformula’s A.G.E. 1, 2 and 3 solutions are designed to target the signs of ageing such as photo-ageing, wrinkles and fine lines, and dull skin tones. Retinol is used to regulate cellular differentiation while pyruvic acid stimulates collagen production. These are used in conjunction with mandelic acid, which effectively improves the appearance of expression lines of all depths. Lactobionic acid, a poly-hydroxy acid, is also included for its surface-level exfoliating and wound-healing abilities.

M.E.L.A. 1, 2 and 3 Powerclays are housed in clay base to assist in the even and rapid penetration of the actives. A powerful antioxidant called Phytic acid is combined with lactobionic acid to repair the skin’s structural integrity.

Usually, chemical peels are timed to ensure that the skin cells are not compromised. However, pHformula products are self-neutralising and therefore, can be left on the skin with no risk of human error.

Following an in-clinic peel, how do the homecare products work to reinforce the treatment and extend the results?

The homecare skin resurfacing products are condition-specific prescriptions to prepare, optimize and maintain the results of the in-clinic treatment. Prescription-strength formulations are integrated and used at home in preparation or during completion of the course of resurfacing treatments. The Active and Recovery support products are all formulated with the unique PH-DVC™ complex which guarantees the best possible results and maintenance of the skin during the treatment program.