Facebook Can Now Predict Your Next Breakup

British Journalist and graphic designer David McCandless released a graphic at a TED conference in July 2010 about how he predicted which time of the year breakups are most likely to occur. He identified key words such as “break up” or “broken up” in 10,000 status updates to determine this.



The McCandless graph show that breakups seem to occur before and during spring break in March and April, shortly after Valentine’s Day. The romantic holiday also sees a high amount of breakups, perhaps because as CNN’s Doug Gross says, the “holiday has a way of defining relationships, for better or worse.”

Also, breakups take place on Mondays and in May.

The other big spike is that if you’re dating a cheapskate, he or she will dump you two weeks before Christmas.

Also, there’s a spike of breakups on April Fool’s Day – such a sick sense of humour.


This chart tracks relationship trouble via Facebook status updates, which show a spike of breakups in the spring.