Fast-track Your Way To The Top With This Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

We all dream of making it big and making a difference in the world, something that sounds great but also involves a lot of work.

So what if there was a way to fast-track your high-flying leadership dreams? A way to sit in the CEO’s chair and overlook a multinational company – if only for a month.

Well, there is. Thanks to Adecco, the world’s leading HR solutions provider, one person will be the CEO of Adecco for a month alongside CEO Alain Dehaze.

Adecco Group have run this initiative called Way to Work for the last two years and it has been a resounding success.

Essentially, one person per country is selected to run that country’s Adecco Group branch. From there, they will have the opportunity to attend a boot camp of sorts during September in America and then one lucky applicant will move up to global CEO. The position includes a healthy salary as well.

If this all sounds to good to be true, watch what precious CEO’s have to say.

Applications close on the 15th of April so you had better get onto it, there is no harm in trying! Just imagine how amazing it would look on your CV.

To sign up, click here.