Finally, The Drink That Won’t Give You A Hangover

Hangovers: we’ve all been through it. I remember the good old days when I was young and invincible, and I could survive week-long benders and come out essentially unscathed. But now that I’m older (but not any wiser), the dreaded hangovers have become all too familiar. You can’t stop the inevitable ageing process, so it’s time to consider drinks that won’t leave you feeling like death the next day.

You might want to put down that third glass of wine because vodka is the key to a hangover-free morning after.

Source: PopSugar

As sugar is the main contributor to bad hangovers, vodka is the perfect drink to avoid hangovers the next day. It has fewer toxins and impurities in comparison to dark liquors such as whiskey and brandy, and doesn’t contain any “congeners”. Mix a splash of this spirit with soda for a zero-sugar, low-calorie and refreshing beverage.

However, everything is in moderation so I cannot guarantee you won’t experience nausea, headaches or general misery the next day. After all, the best, foolproof drink to avoid hellish mornings is water.

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