Forensic Artist Predicts Princess Charlotte’s Appearance

Sure, at the moment the wee Princess Charlotte is like pretty much every newborn – redfaced, chubby cheeked and slightly old-personish. But what will the future royal grow up to look like? A highly respected forensic artist has given us a peek into a possible future, using the latest technology to construct a picture of how a young Charlotte might appear.

Princess Charlotte how she'll look

Artist Joe Mullins works with police to produce both age progressions of missing children and facial reconstructions based on the skull, but in his free time he likes to construct “fun but scientific forecasts” for how celebrities will look when they’re older, or how their children will look.

And while it’s all a bit of fun, given Mullin’s track record, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see a Princess Charlotte in 2025 that looks very similar to the picture above.