Fresh Forecast

It’s been a tough few months, constantly having to dab sweat off our upper lip during the exhausting heat waves. Moving out of summer, we’ll be replenishing our dehydrated and sun-damaged skin as well as using brightening treatments to even skin tone for a flawless canvas. With the latest wave in beauty ditching the notion of concealing our natural selves in the belief that well-nourished skin is the best makeup prep, it was befitting that I interviewed Bobbi Brown Training Manager, Olivia Wild, for M2woman’s pre-autumn issue. Trained by Bobbi Brown herself, Olivia is a makeup artist who holds the philosophy of saluting the human skin and only enhancing what we are born with. Vibrant and multi-dimensional, the eye and lip trends that Olivia forecasts and champions are sophisticated, elegant and far from boring.

There’s been many a release of lightweight foundations that celebrate our natural selves in lieu of thick, high-coverage formulas that more often than not, get cakey. Why do you think the trend is moving in this direction?

As a brand, this is something that Bobbi Brown Cosmetics has pioneered and done so well for 27 years! Thankfully, now there is a huge shift in society that celebrates ‘being who you are’, rather than ‘masking’ or hiding yourself. The incredible technology in cosmetics means that now you can have both coverage and a ‘skin-like’ finish.

This skin-like representation comes hand-in-hand with a glow factor described as ‘lit from within’. What are some tips to recreate this?

Skincare prep is first and foremost when it comes to recreating the glow trend. You want to look healthy in order for your skin to look as though it is ‘lit from within’. Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells that can leave your complexion looking dull.

Follow up with your skincare regime accordingly, using a layering technique – take the time to massage the products into the skin. By the time you are ready for the foundation step, after prepping with skincare, you shouldn’t have to use as much product. The foundation is used to perfect your complexion where you need it most, not to mask.

What kind of finish is created from the different highlighter formulations, such as powder, liquid and pens?

Powder highlighter has an intense highlight pay off. Use at the end of your makeup – it does need to be well blended, especially around the edges, to create a seamless look.

Liquid is very versatile – you can mix a little bit with your foundation for a ‘lit from within’ glow and a hydrated, dewy finish. It’s better for those with more textured skin.

Pens and sticks are easy to use and easy to blend – great for dry skin.

What trends have you been seeing as we move into autumn? What kind of hues should we experiment with?

A clean cat eye with metallic finishes such as gold, navy and bronze are a chic update for eyes. This could be created by double-lining with a gel eyeliner first and then applying an eye shadow over the top with a fine eyeliner brush – wet or dry. Or you could try using a liquid liner in a metallic shade such as bronze or gold to soften the eyes with a sophisticated twist. We also saw a lot of navy on the catwalks this season – this is a shade that is timeless, elegant and suits every skin tone.

What trends are you forecasting for the transition into the colder months?

Perfect skin with a hydrated healthy glow is in, no matter the season – this is always the best investment in my opinion! However, this season we saw gorgeous glowing skin paired with metallic lids in shades of gold, bronze, copper, navy and chocolate.

Add a pretty sparkle effect on your lids with a cream shadow formula that can generate a reflective and multi-dimensional surface. Cream formulas are effortless to use and can transform a simple makeup look into one that is spectacular in moments!

For winter, a bright red lip or a bright colour pressed on the lips can complete your outfit and even amplify your mood. Bright shades continue to rule this season, but my picks are orange-based reds and plums in a balm-formula, which is ideal for that just-bitten look, as if your lips are stained from eating berries or blood-oranges. I love this look for the day as you can just swipe and go. Or you can opt for a classic blue-based red with a hydrated glossy finish for modern luxury.