Gay Drama Teacher Pens the Best Response To Homophobic Mother

After receiving a txt message from a homophobic mother attacking his sexual orientation, 26-year-old youth theatre producer Michael Neri decided to respond in the most apt and brilliant way possible.

While preparing for the adaptation of the musical “Rent”, Neri received a message from a mother who he had previously spoken to before via phone call and in person. She was notifying him that she would be taking her children out of his drama class due to his homosexuality.

He told the Metro, “When I first saw the message I had to read it through twice.

I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but it was still a hurtful thing to receive.

I didn’t want to upset anyone, but I needed to protect myself and my organisation, so I thought I would reply in a polite manner.

If the mother changes her mind then her children are more than welcome to attend classes here – I certainly don’t blame them for the way their mother thinks.”

He posted the response on to his Twitter and it has since gone viral – fair enough, it’s killing with kindness with a dash of sass.