Georgia May Jagger Speaks Out

Georgia May Jagger, British model and daughter of rock legend Mick Jagger, recently sat down to talk about her life, her style, and the new seasonal collection from Thomas Sabo.


What are your plans for the near future? “In the near future I am hopefully going to be travelling, modelling and going on lots of trips, I like to be busy all the time and experience lots of new places.”

Where and with whom do you spend Christmas this year? “I usually spend Christmas at home in London, it is very much a family time for me.”

GeorgiaTalking Christmas presents – which of the pieces of the new collection would you give to your family and friends? “I think a really lovely present for my family and friends would be the Wheel of Karma pendant. I would then pick out people’s initials in letter pendants to give a personal touch. I think that would be really special.”

What is your favourite Christmas or festive season tradition? “One of my favourite Christmas traditions is visiting a pantomime. I usually go to the one in Hackney, but this year my mum is going to be in Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs at Richmond Theatre. We are all very excited and looking forward to it as we are all going to that.”


What are your plans for New Year’s Eve – party or comfy evening? How are you going to dress? “A little bit of both as I’m going to celebrate New Year’s Eve on the beach as usual. We usually have a big party so I would probably dress pretty relaxed – perfect for dancing all night, which I love doing.”

What does your perfect party outfit for the festive season look like? “One of my favourite party looks for the holiday season is emerald green as it is such a festive colour.”

How long do you need to prep in the mornings before leaving the house? “The less time I have, the better, because otherwise I’d dawdle around! So I usually spend around ten minutes getting dressed and leaving the house in the morning.”

Georgia-May-Jagger-behind-the-scenesWithout which essentials would you never leave the house? “I don’t leave home without my headphones, so I can listen to music, and my cameras because I like to take pictures. For me good pictures are always an inspiration.”

Thomas Sabo & their new collection

Please describe the atmosphere during the shoot. What was your favourite setting? “My favourite setting this time was the golden set for the Fairy Twines shoot with all the plush velvet. It’s very luxurious and glamorous.”

What was the second shooting with Ellen von Unwerth and Susanne Kölbli like? “So much fun! Each shoot with Ellen von Unwerth and the THOMAS SABO team is always so unique and different every time we do it! This time we had beautiful art-decó styling reflected in every detail from the hair and make up to elegant dresses that perfectly complement the exquisite jewellery featured in the new campaign.”

The new collection offers a wide selection of elegant and statement-like rings. Do you have a favourite ring and why? “There are so many beautiful rings in the new collection, but my favourites are the Wheel of Karma rings. I think they are a real statement piece, really cool and expressive; I especially love the new ‘Wheel of Karma’ ring with the black onyx stone!”

The line So Black centres on the magic and depth of this colour. What is so special about black? “I think black is always fashionable and always looks chic. For clothes and for jewellery there is nothing more elegant than the little black dress. The black and silver jewellery in the collection is very sophisticated, cool and right on trend.”