Get Smart With Nutrition – The Diet Fad facts

Whilst refreshing our social media feeds, you may have noticed the plethora of impractical fad diets and super-foods that make broken promises and audacious claims to give the body shape you desire. It is safe to say that every body is designed differently and therefore requires to be nourished accordingly. Jessica Bell clears up these popular lifestyle diet trends that we are constantly exposed and inundated with. Perhaps we should be more critical of the information that is fed to us and a little more sagacious in terms of felicitousness and resourcefulness –not everyone can afford 5 avocados a day.


1.When reducing sugar intake, the primary aim should be to reduce the taste for sweet foods altogether – not simply to replace one form of sugar with another. An apple and piece of cheese is a far healthier snack than a raw chocolate caramel slice. And if you’re craving something sweet in the afternoon – even if it is made without refined sugar – you are still addicted to sugar. End of.

2.Eat seasonally – it’s cheaper and you will have much more well-rounded, balanced diet.

3.When it comes to the current trend for smoothies containing avocado, coconut cream and often soaked and blended nuts, you should also proceed with caution. While these smoothies do contain useful vitamins and minerals, many people don’t realise that they are also packed with fat and calories – such a smoothie would contain close to 500 calories – the same as the average dinner! Definitely not a snack.

4.Cavemen should not be only the traditional diet we look to for inspiration – traditional Japanese, Indian, and Mediterranean diets are all very healthy, and as a result people living in those countries are extremely healthy. And all of these diets contain foods banned on paleo. The only thing they have in common is cutting out refined foods – which we could all benefit from!


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