Get Your Virtual Bodyguard to Walk You Home at Night

The Companion app enables your family, friends or your campus police to have an eye on you when you travel late at night.

Created by five students from the University of Michigan, this free personal safety app is a must. If your friend or family member doesn’t have the app installed, a text message with a hyperlink will send them to a webpage with an interactive map that shows the user walking via GPS. Also, the requests can be sent out to multiple contact in case someone is unavailable.

If the user starts running, has their headphones yanked out of their phone, falls or is attacked, the app detects the change in movement and asks if the user is OK. A confirmation button needs to be pressed within 15 seconds or the app will transform the user’s phone into an alarm system that projects loud noises. It also gives you the option to instantly call the police.

There is also an “I am nervous” button which tells the app where and when they feel unsafe to alert the virtual companion.

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