Get Yourself the Ultimate Seduction, Hypnotic Eyes

Lancome have been on the beauty scene for 80 years creating major innovations in the industry. Their smart products created in prestigious laboratories with the brand’s technical know-how, bring the beauty of make-up artists to the everyday woman. In French culture the eyes are seen as the ultimate seduction weapon. Is it possible for a product to create that effortlessly French je ne sais quoi? Lancome’s new product Ombre Hypnose Stylo is a long wear cream eye shadow stick that promises 24 hour perfection. It glides on effortlessly and stays put without creasing throughout the day.

Available in 8 different shades varying from everyday taupe to a glittering gold, silver or vibrant violet, there is something to suit every occasion and to really make your eyes pop. Let your eyes do the talking with this wonder product.