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Clean Cleaner

While essential to a clean and tidy home, most cleaning products will often come in plastic bottles or containers, which aren’t exactly keeping the environment clean and green. However, companies like NZ-brand Ethique are making a case for going plastic-free. With a zero-waste ethos and all their products being plastic-free, plant-based and cruelty-free, the brands latest release, the solid laundry bar and stain remover, is helping us feel better about the way we clean. 100% biodegradable, the bars remove dirt and oil with pure essential oils and white kaolin clay and are great for at home or take away with you on holiday. Each laundry bar is concentrated and is the equivalent of three 350ml bottles, not only making less of an impact on the environment, it also won’t clutter up your laundry.

Feeding Frenzy

We all know that dogs are a man’s best friend, however, it’s safe to say that they’re a lot messier than (hopefully) any human friends we may have. Feeding time often results in our excited sidekicks knocking over bowls and spilling water, leaving you to clean up the chaos. Premium French cookware brand, Le Creuset, have taken the concept of their famous enamelled cast iron products and put a four-legged spin on it. Enter the brands Pet Collection, a stoneware range of bowls and food containers designed to look good and be practical. Coming in an elevated, medium-sized and large-sized pet bowl – the latter of which has a wide base to prevent tipping – the range can be matched with their container and scoop which looks just like the casserole dish your grandma has. With its heavy and sturdy design and visually-pleasing looks, hopefully feeding time won’t be quite the same hassle.

Works of History

The story behind antique furniture is what gives it its unique charm and appeal. However, the style of antique furniture doesn’t suit every dwelling and options with a more contemporary take often miss a deeply entrenched history. The father and son team at Atelier Jones Design have taken modern furniture and given it a story, by using salvaged rimu from NZ timber-framed houses to create a design-driven range of handcrafted furniture. By giving the timber a second-life, Atelier Jones Design not only give the pieces a deeper origin, it also makes for a sustainable production process. The range, featuring desks, stools and cabinets, is finished with steel, concrete and brushed brass, making the NZ-made collection a modern and industrial addition to your home.

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