Guess Who Stole the (VMA) Show?

After her latest outfit when she was interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! I’m not surprised by her most likely intentional nip slip at the VMAs. Miley is obviously very determined to normalise our perception of the female breast. She is constantly wearing clothes (?) or more the lack, which draws attention to her boobs. She took full advantage of her role as this year’s VMA host to expose her body in a more anatomical than sexy way. Miley is 100% herself without appropriating any cultures which also seem to be a much discussed issue. Her coming out to be pansexual and her 31-drag-queen dance crew is not a scream for personal attention. Miley is using her privilege to desensitize society on what is considered to be “normal” and “other”. Hats off to Miley for being so pro-active for what she believes in. How many people can claim they use their power for good while completely exposing themselves – literally.

Here’s a compilation of her crazy costumes at the VMAs.

GettyImages-486009220-1440990526 GettyImages-485978448-1440980636 GettyImages-485978580-1440980571 hbz-miley-cyrus-vma-outfits-new-07[1]  hbz-miley-cyrus-vma-outfits-new-09[1] 2BD335F000000578-3216612-Shimmy_Miley_shook_off_her_festive_coat-a-124_14409933845002BD387FC00000578-3216612-image-m-156_1440995068914 GettyImages-486013308-1440994252GettyImages-486008892-1440994138GettyImages-486010184-14409940502BD38D4700000578-3216612-image-m-133_14409937508492BD3884C00000578-3216612-image-m-137_14409938069732BD3325100000578-3216612-_Say_marijuana_Miley_was_joined_onstage_by_Rita_Ora_Kim_Kardashi-a-118_1440993384193  2BCF898600000578-3216612-Controversial_Miley_is_pictured_with_internet_star_Baddie_Winkle-a-101_1440993383801    Screen-Shot-2015-08-30-at-10.23.19-PM-1440987954