Guy Claims to be the Make-believe ‘Fat Kid on Plane’ Character from Fat-Shaming Video

We’ve all seen the viral ‘Dear Fat People’ video that comedienne Nicole Arbour posted earlier this month. In that video, she talks about the “fat family” and “Jabba the son” who sat next to her on the plane at the 4:20 mark.

Blogger Tony Posnanski has come forth saying that he is, in fact, the fat kid in the video she refers to.

“Around 4 minutes and 30 seconds of your video, you talked about a very “fat” child that you had to sit next to. He smelled like sausages, and you had to put the armrest to separate the fat from your seat. Then you claimed you had to hold the fat with your hands while we were flying. And after that you looked at the child and said “make better choices”.

I was that child and that was my family.”

“The truth is you humiliated me by yelling and screaming about my weight. You made a mockery of a little boy for being different than you. You never had to “push my fat” with your hands, but you did make a spectacle of my weight. You never had to put the armrest between us because I was not close. But you wanted to make me feel that way. You wanted to make me feel ashamed for my weight.

Of course there is no such thing as “fat-shaming” in your world.
As you told me that day…“Make better choices.””

“So once again congratulations on going viral. I am glad it came at the expense of making fun of my family…
And me.”

However, a few hours ago, Nicole Arbour posted on her Facebook the following:
“Ok now this is just hilarious. A guy is claiming to be the make believe character I sat beside in my bit. …who doesn’t exist because I was making it up… For the sake of nonsense. Press, you are failing… So hard.”

???Ok now this is just hilarious. A guy is claiming to be the make believe character I sat beside in my bit. …who…

Posted by Nicole Arbour on Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Soon to follow, Tony Posnanski has revealed to have been previously involved in ‘fat’ controversies, namely the claim of being the ‘Jetstar Fat Man’ that Rich Wisken complained about last year.

The original blog post. Picture: Rich Wisken Drinks

In The Anti-Jared, Tony Posnanski claims to be the “baby hippopotamus” Jetstar seat mate that Sydney blogger Rich Wisken was referring to. He shared his own version of the story in the article.

“I have been losing weight. A lot of weight actually. Sure, some people can still call me portly but I am not over 400 pounds anymore. I never will be again.

So when I flew to Sydney last year I did something brave. After losing some weight I bought only one seat. You have no idea the courage that took. What if I took up more than one?”

“I was not overflowing into another seat. I was in ONE seat!

Then some rude man came and sat next to me. He told me that he spent $A25, so people better bow to him. Not sure how spending a couple of extra dollars equates to being treated like a prince, but whatever.

I read his letter and he was wrong about a lot of aspects.”

“First, the stock picture of a large man on a plane is not I. I have no idea where that came from. Maybe for shock value?

Second, I do not smell bad. I am not defending myself on that.I have a phobia of smelling bad, so I make sure to take regular showers and put on deodorant. I have my wife smell me a few times before I leave the house just to make sure. I did not smell like the stereotypical “fat guy” items the man accused me of. I never complained about his breath and that he is a close talker. That is annoying.”

However, Rich tweeted that Tony Posnanski was lying about the story.

“Remember when some guy lied about being my Jetstar seat mate, then admitted to making the whole thing up? Good times.”— Rich Wisken (@RichWisken) October 30, 2014

Tony Posnanski has previously apologised for confusing people with his involvement in weight-related controversies.

However, it seems like he has “confused” readers again.

When I write a post it is always from the heart. Things online bother me and sometimes I comment on them. Sometimes I…

Posted by Tony Posnanski on Wednesday, 29 October 2014