Guys Read Mean Tweets About Women

When Jimmy Kimmel came up with a section for his talk show called “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets”, it instantly gained popularity for casting light on the humanity of famous people while making his audience laugh. More recently, a rendition was made to focus on bullying, featuring a number of kids reading mean tweets about themselves by their peers ─ then, things stopped being funny.

Now, a blogger named Chelsea Wolley has created a video for the #HeForShe movement, to encourage men to participate in the promotion of gender equality and the fight against gender discrimination. In her video, she featured six men between the ages of 18 to 25, reading tweets posted by other men on women. The obscenities used against women and objectification of female bodies became uncomfortably apparent in about three and a half minutes, as the video recorded just how cruel the virtual world can be for a woman.

“I think all women should be gagged ─ they are bloody noisy.

Fair warning ─ this video will be uncomfortable.

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