Heart-Pumping Style

Maui-born Kaili Lickle had the same problem that many women face today – a shortage of unique, functional clothing that can support active lifestyles. Hence, her young label, Olympia Activewear aims to allow women to keep stylish and comfortable as they stretch through yoga poses and work out at the gym. Continuing to supply women with fashionable gym gear in the new 2015 collection, these pieces lay weightlessly on the body as they follow its movements and accentuate its natural curves.

Olypmia Activewear is available from plumeria.co.nz

olympia-activewear olympia-activewear-desert olympia-activewear-visor-sand olympia-activewear-visor-sand-leggings-rope-desert-black olympia-activewear-visor-sand-leggings-rope-desert-orange