Here are the Final 40 New Flag Designs

The flag consideration team has whittled out all the flags drawn in MS Paint and have now settled on 40 final designs to go head to head against the current flag (which I love).

The head of the Flag Consideration Project, Professor John Burrows said the potential new flag had to be unmistakably from new Zealand “and celebrate us as a progressive, inclusive nation that is connected to its environment and has sense of its past and vision for its future.”

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“It is important that those designs are timeless, can work in a variety of contexts, are simple, uncluttered, balanced and have good contrast.”


Labour MP Trevor Mallard pointed out when this project first kicked off that not including a yes/no option on whether we should change the flag in the first part of the two-stage referendum would skew people to favour change.

“The lack of a yes/no vote, and that’s what this petition is all about, is designed to bias the result,” he told the select committee.

“There is potential to save a lot of money, about $13 million on a second referendum. I think there are better ways of spending that money. For example, you could get about 1300 illiterate adults to read. You could get about 250 families a grant which would pay the deposit for them to own their own house.”

The two votes and consultation are budgeted to cost $26 million.

Labour leader Andrew Little wants next year’s referendum ditched if the first one attracts less than half the eligible number of voters.