Hilarious and Touching Coming-of-Gay Story to Put it into Perspective

Revolving around a high school girl in the South, this short film is a hilarious, awkward and touching coming-of-gay story that puts it into perspective. Undergoing internal conflict about how to come out to her family, the protagonist asks to see a therapist for help. Torn about the timing, she wishes to have found out her sexual preference later in college or when she’s living in California. Through her childhood penchant for red cowboy boots, her dad says he already knew by this indicator.

In an effort to reach out and sympathize with his daughter, the father and daughter watch a lesbian tv show together which turns to be a little too graphic as they realize they have mistakenly opted for not-so-PG lesbian porn. Forcing her insensitive sister and her parents along to a therapy session, they sit, rather squished and violating each other’s personal space. Perched awkwardly on this couch in a supposedly safe and comfortable space, they discuss, hug and say ostensible, protocol phrases that brush off this new information. Seemingly a supportive family at first, we realize why the film is called “Alone with people” in the last scene.