Making Home Dining a 5 Star Experience

High-flying interior stylist and curator of Collected, LeeAnn Yare shares with us her top tips for creating kitchen and dining spaces that stand out and reflect your own unique vision, in the wake of her must-have book, Rooms to Love.

Like shoes, when it comes to chairs you can never have too many.


Consider refreshing your cabinetry with paint, blackboard paint, wall decals or wallpaper. We gave our kitchen bench a completely new look by wallpapering underneath, and then three years later changed it again and added a pair of cool new stools. If your cabinets are okay but the rest is a bit dated, then give them a modern update with a brand-new bench top. Keeping the shape of the bench top square will bring it into this century. Dining-roomThe easiest way ever to inject some colour into a kitchen is a big bold fruit bowl; just keep it full of fruity treats for an ever-changing rainbow of colour.


Like shoes, when it comes to chairs you can never have too many. Fit what you can around the dining table itself, and then spares can sit against a wall, be used as a bedside table, sit in a bathroom, or by the front door as a place to sit and pop your shoes on. Upholstered seats, as well as being warm and comfortable, are a great way to inject a bit of colour and pattern – either match them up or go crazy and use a different fabric for every chair seat. A round dining table is a great way to seat more people in a smaller space, and promotes dinner-table conversation.

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Photography by Larnie Nicolson