How Kanye West Won Mother’s Day

By now most of us have come to terms with our longstanding love-hate relationship with the rapper. Every time we love him for his latest work (he does have undeniable talent) he says something to turn us off or steals another’s limelight. But for every time we decide to hate the guy, he pulls the most ridiculously sweet stunts for his wife, Kim Kardashian, who may be the only person he loves as much as he loves himself.

For Mother’s Day just past, Kim had to be away from her family to be in Brazil for press work. But that didn’t stop Kanye from making her feel special ─ when we say special, we mean… Really. Special.

So Kim’s day went like this:
She struts up into her hotel room to find thousands (note: THOUSANDS) of white roses delivered from Kanye with “the sweetest note”. As though this isn’t extreme enough, Kim then goes for dinner to be surprised by a string quartet playing the romantic tunes of Sam Smith for her as she dines on dishes served to her by waiters who each (i.e. every single one of them) served her with a special message from her husband, “This is from Mr. West for the best mother in the world!”

This isn’t sweet. This is diabetic.