How to Buy the Dress that Broke the Internet

Over the weekend your Facebook feed was probably full of that dress. You know the one. The one that no one could agree which colour it was. People argued that it was either blue and black or white and gold. Personally I saw blue and gold, but that wasn’t an option? Battle lines had apparently been drawn a long time before I saw it, and there was no place for a third opinion.

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It was finally resolved that the dress was black and blue, and the image had issues with colour balance. But if you ever want to get your hands on a piece of internet history we’ve tracked down the creators of the dress, Roman Originals based in the UK. Sales of the dress were up 347% on Friday but apparently it’s back in stock now and you can get your hands on it for £50.

[columns_row width=”third”] [column]TheDress Twitter White and gold[/column] [column]thedress twitter pink and black (2)[/column] [column]thedress twitter red and black (1)[/column] [/columns_row]

You can get it in ivory, royal blue, scarlet or pink. Unfortunately you can’t get it in white and gold. I’m sorry.