How to Enjoy Fine Dining for Less

Some of the most popular deals on sites like GrabOne and TreatMe have been meal deals – you see a limited time offer, buy a voucher and turn it in for a specific discounted meal. The problem is, the whole process is a bit of a pain. Dealing with the vouchers, finding a meal deal you actually want… it’s all a bit much.

But there’s one Kiwi startup that is taking that basic idea and making the whole process a lot simpler. Meet Last Minute Table – a website that allows restaurants to fill up last minute gaps in their bookings and gives diners the chance to get a decent discount on a meal of their choosing. The concept is pretty clean. Once you have an account, you just choose whether you’re after a booking today or tomorrow, select an eatery and click book now. Easy as that. Turn up to the restaurant and they’ll be expecting you – and will discretely deduct the discounted percentage when it’s time to settle up.


So are there any downsides? Discounts are for food only; no drinks included. The site is pretty new so there’s not that many restaurants on offer. That number is set to grow over the next weeks and months though, so it’s not too much of a worry. Also, those who live outside of Auckland or far away from the city’s centre will find few options available to them – again, something that the Last Minute Table team is working to expand. For a relatively new service it’s very slick and super easy to use.

In short, if you’re after a good price on fine dining in central Auckland, this is a pretty attractive option.