How To Get A Home That Looks EXACTLY Like Your Pinterest Boards

We all dream of building a home, well preferably having it built for us, that oozes our personal style and alludes to our personality. While this is easy on your phone, hello ‘dream home’ Pinterest board, making your dreams a reality can be a little more difficult.

Enter Kiwi designer and builder David Reid Homes.

Each David Reid Home allows you to select additional features that will make your house truly a home, such as MAXRaft Fully Insulated Foundation System, Double-Glazed exterior joinery,  Low energy LED lights and Gas powered Hydronic under-floor heating.

Tim Sunderland, director of the David Reid Homes Wellington Region is dedicated to giving clients their dream home, while also making their home”warm, dry and energy-efficient.”

Sure, style is still important and that is why they are dedicated to building both aesthetically pleasing and efficient homes.




DRH_Kanuka_Low_Res-4 (1)









The bath is not only to die for, but imagine stepping out onto those warm, heated tiles!