How to Get to The Top of Google Search

I’ve been involved with SEO since 2002. Throughout that time, there have always been people trying to ‘game’ the system or take short cuts that can risk getting their clients’ website a Google penalty. This was the reason behind my decision to writing a book for Penguin Random House about DIY SEO.

Released on the 5th of March 2019, the book How to Get to the Top of Google Search, A Practical SEO Guide is available in every major book retailer throughout New Zealand. In this month’s Coach column, I have detailed 3 SEO aspects from the book that you can implement right now:

1. SEO is common sense

A lot of people in the industry use jargon and acronyms to create ‘smoke and mirrors’ so that they can charge exorbitant fees or make SEO appear inaccessible to a layman. Other than the really technical SEO (which a lot of micro businesses don’t necessarily need), most of the things we do are simple. We do keyword research to understand what our customers are searching for. We ensure the content we write is of a high editorial standard, and we make sure our websites offer a good user experience. After all, what Google really wants is to give users precisely what they’re searching for.

2. SEO isn’t a one-off

SEO is an ongoing process and requires constant attention. I was lucky enough to get Rand Fishkin (founder of SEO heavyweight Moz) to write a few pages of my book, in which he said; “Every month you don’t invest in SEO is a month when your competitors will, and eventually, even if you have a long head-start, they’ll catch up and surpass you.”

3. Link building isn’t dead

link building (getting other websites to link back to yours) is not an easy thing to do. It is, however, a critical aspect of search engine optimisation. There should be some ‘low hanging fruit’ where you can get some good links fast; think of suppliers, distributors, and other business contacts. Do you sponsor any events or charities? All of these are potential places to obtain backlinks.

Whilst SEO is not necessarily easy, it is a very manageable ongoing process that small business owners can implement themselves with the right guidance and tools. The book gives owners a step by step guide which they can dip in and dip out of as they require.

How to Get to the Top of Google Search, A Practical SEO Guide is available at all major bookstores in New Zealand and online at