How to Have a Great Home Building Experience

There’s always something uniquely enriching and transformative about building a home just for you, but you often hear stories about the daunting steps involved that may give new property owners unwanted anxiety. They have the money saved up in the bank, they’ve got the empty plot of land, they have designs and colour-schemes in mind.

Investing energy, resources and money into a first home can often be a chaotic experience to go through, filled with sleepless nights and stresses, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Building a new house is, funnily enough, oftentimes cheaper than buying an existing one. That’s where G.J. Gardner Homes comes in to help you out. 

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G.J. Gardner’s have been in NZ since 1997 and have built over 16,000 homes.  Your G.J. franchise is locally owned and operated, making them part of our community and providing you with direct access to the owner of the business which is responsible for building your home.

For those new homeowners, it’s honestly not as stressful as you might first think. Firstly, it is essential to find a suitable builder, one that you are comfortable with and feel you can trust. Through that builder, more individual areas can be addressed, and by researching hard, you can prioritise what you want. When you’ve found the perfect builder, ask earnest, important questions. That’s the wonderful thing about choosing G.J. Gardner Homes, they cater to the clients so well.

Make sure to get creative too. You want your home to be authentically and wonderfully yours. If you are interested in going through the process but don’t know how, pick up a free copy of G.J.’s Home Prep booklet. The booklet is an informative guide on building decisions, including deciding whether to build new and choosing the right builder, so you have an enjoyable build. Click here to order a copy of Home Prep now.


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