How To Style Your Home Modern Retro

Retro is back, this time in home decor and the good news is we have the furnishings you need to style your home modern retro without making it look like the set from a 70’s sitcom – or your grandparents house!

All of the following pieces are made from Mango wood, a renewable resource. Mango trees have a short fruit-growing life and after about 20 to 30 years the tree us no longer bearing fruit, this is when the trees are cut down and the very best wood from these barren trees is used for handcrafted furniture. On-trend interiors made with sustainable wood, sounds like the ideal way to update your home

1. Amsterdam Drawer

A quirky drawer like this could be used as a side-table in the bedroom or living room to give a practical, yet retro styling to your space.


2. Cairo Cabinet 

Fully relishing the Mango wood’s unique colouring, this cabinet would house anything and everything. Check out the handles, the epitome of 70’s furniture.

3. Diamond 2-Drawer Chest

This drawer is the perfect example of modern retro, with retro shaping and a modern white face.


4. Marilyn Round Table

Once again, the combination of Mango wood and contemporary white results in a modern retro classic.


5. Penfold Bookcase


Reminiscent of your grandmothers curtains, this bookcase is a stand out retro piece.


6. Dakota Bedside

Nothing shouts retro like this geometric carved design. Again the Mango wood shines, showcasing its unique colourings.


7. Decco Stool

Just in case you want to feel like a kid again, sitting at the bench while your grandmother bakes her famous cookies. These stools are nostalgic retro modern.

Go ahead, bring some modern retro to your home.