How To Take Care of Combination Skin

Combination skin can be a right nuisance to care for. You need to moisturize the dry areas and moderate the excessive sebum production on the T-Zone. Conventional skin care products will more often than not strip the skin of its moisture which in turn, forces your skin to produce more oil to replenish the oils that have been removed. The cycle continues and you’re left with a bigger problem than when you started.

You have to find a product that will regulate and balance oil production without stripping the skin away and also hydrate the dry areas of the face. But which ones actually perform and do what they claim?

Riding the trend of being a conscientious beauty buyer, one of our favourite brands is Dr. Hauschka. Animal cruelty-free and certified natural cosmetics, they’re certified to NATRUE and BDIH standards and free of synthetic fragrances, dyes or preservatives, mineral oils, parabens, silicones and PEGs. This is especially important to note if you have sensitive skin.

If you were looking for an easy skin care kit with all the essentials, this is your one-stop solution.

Day care routine for combination skin:

1. Cleansing Cream 2. Clarifying Toner 3. Melissa Day Cream $55 4. Clarifying Day Oil $59 5. Coverstick $39
1. Cleansing Cream $39
2. Clarifying Toner $55
3. Melissa Day Cream $55
4. Clarifying Day Oil $59
5. Coverstick $39


  1. Cleanse with Cleansing Cream to gently remove dirt and impurities without stripping the skin of moisture.
  2. Tone with Clarifying Toner, a toner that refines the appearance of large pores, helps balance excessive oil production and soothes skin
  3. Moisturise with Melissa Day Cream on its own to calm oily areas, hydrate dry patches and control shine
  4. For further balance, combine Melissa Day Cream with a drop or two of Clarifying Day Oil to balance both oily and dry areas. It may sound odd adding oil to treat oily skin but use of Clarifying Day Oil actually sends a signal to the skin to reduce oil production, guiding it to a balanced state. For really oily skin, use Clarifying Day Oil on its own.
  5. Coverstick can be used to spot-treat and blend away the appearance of blemishes when they appear.

123 Balancing Day Care

The new 1-2-3 Step Balancing Day Care Kit contains a full sized Cleansing Cream, Clarifying Toner and Melissa Day Cream for just $129 which is a $20 saving (Value usually $149).