“I Love Ugly” Redid Their Sexist Campaign – But Somehow Made It Worse

Oh dear. People are not happy. Last week, kiwi brand “I Love Ugly” got majorly slammed for its NSFW sexist jewellery campaign. They objectified women’s bodies as inanimate sex props and due to the backlash, they’ve changed it – only to somehow make it worse.

I Love Ugly’s responded to the backlash via Twitter: “Mixed reviews about our latest ring campaign. Some love it, some hate it. If you’re nervous about something. You’re onto something good.” They have since deleted that tweet. 

In moving forward, they modified the campaign: a white woman’s hands over a naked Black male torso. Clearly, the brand has missed the point and it has created more outrage. Not sure what their intentions are with this one, perhaps they’re combating misogyny with exoticism? Why is she covering up a non-erotic zone of a male? Is it to say that men get objectified too? Who knows.


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