This Movie About Social Media And Influencers Looks So Good!

We live in a social media-obsessed culture, with ‘influencers who find their fame and name in being well-known, and well-liked on social media. This topic is touched on in the American comedy-drama, Ingrid Goes West, about a mentally unstable young woman, Ingrid Thorburn (Aubrey Plaza) who is obsessed with a social media influencer, Taylor Sloan (Elizabeth Olsen), and her seemingly perfect life.

When Thorburn moves to the West Coast to befriend Sloan in real life, an unlikely bond is formed between the two. However, Thorburn’s behaviour turns dangerous and the facade begins to crack in both the women’s lives.

Ingrid Goes West premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, where is won the Waldo Salt Screenwriting award, which is determined by the dramatic dury and recognises outstanding screenwriting.

Ingrid Goes West takes a smart, hilarious take on our social-media obsession, but it also challenges us to think twice about the ‘perfect life’ of Instagram influencers and will (hopefully) encourage individuals to ask just how important ‘followers’ are.