Inside M2woman July/August

From the lifestyle of the fancy and fabulous in Los Angeles and a potential solution to the gender pay gap, to why we need to start discussing New Zealand’s rape culture and how it is affecting the younger generation, go inside the pages of July/August M2woman here. Subscribe now!


Lily James – Leading Lady

Lily James is a name we recognise thanks to Abbey Manor, a glass slipper and a zombie, Elizabeth Bennett. She is an actress who is not afraid to take on a challenge when it comes to new films, no matter what they might see her doing. In this issue, James candidly chatted to Steven Goldman about the uniqueness of the much anticipated Baby Driver, what it was like working with such a stellar team and her defining moments.

So-Cal, So Cool

Catching a glimpse of how the rich and famous vacay during Spring Break in Southern California, avid traveler Sophie Chung paints a picture so sumptuously grandiose, you’ll be booking your next direct flight to LA as soon as you’ve saved half of your remunerated salary.

Confronting Rape Culture in New Zealand

Rape culture in New Zealand is a topic of conversation few people like to talk about, but it is one that needs to be discussed. New Zealand’s youth experience it in class, in public and most frequently, on the internet; it is becoming the norm. The lines between what is acceptable and what is not have become blurred at the expense of our younger generation.

Ciao, Anne-Marie

Every now and again artists come by and give us inspirational songs for every occasion. Think strong, confident songs from women like Shania Twain, Christina Aguilera and Beyonce. More recently, Anne-Marie has come onto the scene. She opens up to Emma Taylor about the most important thing she can achieve with her music – empowerment. Something we can always do with more of.

The Rise to the Top

In the cut-throat world of biotechnology, there is no space or time for inadequacies, incompetency and, shockingly, women. After 25 gruelling years of rising above gender discrimination and up the ladder, Dr Iona Weir now uses her indispensable knowledge to beat acne, eczema and time itself.

Balancing Act

Ever since women started working outside the home, the glass ceiling has dominated discussions of success. In the past, advice given to women looking to move past this invisible barrier and progress their career was often centred on them adapting their behaviour to suit the workplace. Now, however, experts are putting the onus on workplaces changing their structures to better suit female employees.

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