Is This A Circle? How You Answer Says a lot about You

No, this isn’t like #thedress or any of that nonsense. It’s psychology, which we know to never be garbage and is as infallible as the laws of physics.

This is pulled from a study from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

If you say this isn’t a circle

If you see that shape as being an abomination of nature and nothing like a circle you’re likely to be conservative in your politics.

If you say this is a circle

If you’re foot loose and fancy free and reckon that a circle can be circular-ish then you’re probably a bit more liberal minded.

When I do a reverse image search into Google it tells me it’s best guess is that this is probably a picture of the “department of homeland security”. So who knows where Google stands on this issue.

So does this line up at all with your political views? Or is this complete garbage?