Is This Chivalry or Plain Stupidity?

A lot of us in the modern era think chivalry is dead. Well, 20-year-old Ayan Zhademov from Kazakhstan worked really hard to prove society very wrong, which sadly landed him with £1,400 fine.

When his girlfriend was too nervous to sit for her exam, Ayan offered to sit for it in her place. Why? Because he loves her, of course.

Crossdressing for girlfriend

While some people laughed at him for being stupid (it must’ve been quite obvious that he would get caught), others applauded him for being sweet and romantic ─ a local businessman even offered to pay half the fine for the well-meaning boyfriend.

Turns out, Ayan’s girlfriend would still have to take the exam next year. Here’s hoping she wouldn’t be too nervous again ─ we’re pretty sure Ayan wouldn’t be able to help her out for a second time.